Project: Move Raspberry Pi downstairs

Current configuration

Currently, the RPI server resides upstairs. It is connected to the network via a Layer 2 switch, which in turn in connected to a powerline adaptor. There are three powerline adaptors in the "powerline network" and the "primary" adaptor is downstairs, plugged in next to the router. The RPI has to communicate with everything beyond the upstairs switch over the powerline adaptor. This setup does present a few issues:

In order to resolve this issue, I have assessed that the RPI can be moved downstairs with very minimal impact on downtime. There is a 30m LAN cable from the router to a games console in the downstairs living room. I can move the network switch and the RPI downstairs, connect the switch to the PI and use 2 LAN cables to connect the console and the RPI to the switch, giving them a connection to the router and the Internet. This would be advantageous because the RPI has a much more direct connection to the router without worrying about the powerline network being unstable.

Steps I need to take:

  1. Power down the RPI
  2. Unplug it and the switch
  3. Take all the equipment downstairs
  4. Plug switch into wall socket, RPI into extension socket
  5. Plug in 30m LAN cable to switch
  6. Plug in LAN cables from console + RPI to switch
  7. Power everything on and test network connectivity of device, and test obtaining DHCP address and DNS queries from a different device

Here is what the network will look like when I'm done.